How do we nail our video marketing for Social Media

By Nadia Patel
08 . 21 . 21

In marketing, video marketing is a powerful way to promote your company.

It’s an inexpensive marketing tool that offers high returns on the investment. Video marketing can be used in many ways: you can create product demonstrations and upload them to YouTube, or you could post short videos of your company culture on social media or even use video for marketing lead generation with conversion optimization techniques.

Below I’ve written a list of video marketing characteristics that every video should have. Together with the video-specific social media tips, you can create an appealing video for your audience.

Apply these tips to your video and you will see a definite improvement in engagement and results!

Plan a Video

The first thing you need to establish is what kind of video you are creating. Why? Think about it, video is a very visual medium and so video marketing needs to properly reflect what your business does! If you create an explainer video or product video, then this video will be treated as such by viewers. What do I mean by that? Well imagine someone comes across your video on social media and immediately they are engaged by the video, but upon listening to your video it actually seems like you’re trying promoting something completely different! The video is great but at that point your potential leads have already switched off.

Your video marketing will be more successful if you figure out exactly what kind of video you are making and then design a strategy that delivers on that video’s promise.

Think about your Audience when marketing a video

In your video marketing you need to keep in mind the human factor. Humans are inherently emotional and when they see a video of any sort, even if it is the most boring video ever, they are still going to come away from that video feeling something. Whether it makes them feel mad or sad or inspired, they will have an emotion!

The video you make has to take advantage of this, if it doesn’t then your video is just ineffective and probably won’t be shared by anyone.

A Social media video that works

In video marketing for social media there are a few things that need to be done in order to promote your video. First you need to put in the video description where the video came from. This will allow viewers to find you, if they like your video and want more information. At this point it’s important that you use properly descriptive communication so that people don’t waste their time with something completely irrelevant.

The video should contain a call to action at some point. This is not only important for video marketing but video in general! An effective video always has a call to action, it lets the viewer know what they can do next and how they can get involved with your business or video campaign and this makes them feel good about themselves.

Efficient Video content

The video should be short and to the point. Long videos are a video marketing sin because they require a lot of time on the viewer’s part and it is unlikely that they will watch your video all the way to the end, especially if you have already failed to deliver on video marketing characteristics like having a purpose. For video lead generation it is important to be as efficient as possible and video marketing for social media should be no exception.

Video content with twist of SEO

Video marketing shouldn’t be a video that you make and hope that it will go viral. A video that goes viral happens naturally and there is little you can do to affect or change this. You need to make video content that fits into your video marketing strategy, like the tips above! After all the video will be used to promote your video marketing strategy too, so you need video content that enhances the video marketing strategy and video SEO.

Video marketing is not just about what happens when someone watches the video, it’s also about how they get to watch the video in the first place! So with this in mind, you should create a video that encourages sharing, video marketing for social media needs to work as a cohesive unit with video SEO. The video itself is only one part of the overall video marketing process and so it’s important that you ensure your video does not hinder video SEO in any way.

A good example of this would be using paid advertising to promote your video. People are less likely to share video content that they know they paid for, because people don’t want to feel manipulated.

It’s also important to keep video marketing for social media and video SEO visible in video content because video is such a visual medium, If you have video content that doesn’t include video SEO it may not be as effective.

Marketing video has to be effective, if video content doesn’t have video marketing elements then video marketing will fail! Make sure that you include video SEO and video awareness in your video marketing strategy.

Video is a great way to promote your video marketing strategy for social media because it is such an accessible medium. I hope this article helped you video marketers to video their video marketing strategy.


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