How to nail an interview in Digital Marketing in Dubai and the UAE in 2020!

By Nadia Patel
12 . 02 . 20

Getting into Digital Marketing in Dubai can be quiet a ride, if have you just graduated in Dubai in the field of Marketing or finished all your online courses in Digital Marketing and ready to take the next step into the employment world. It can be daunting and a big step especially if you don’t know what to expect.

We have put together a few tips including our very crucial one that is always successful. Use this method in your next interview and you will shine.

Let’s get you to ace that digital marketing interview!

First of all, study the company that you’re applying to work for. Research them. When did they establish? What is the brand slogan? What do they stand for? Most, if not all, companies are going to ask you ”Why do you want this job?”. It helps to compliment them and show that you’ve done your research and know everything there is to know about them. Trust us, you’ll be more likely to get the job if you know your stuff.

Next, you may want to make a list of all your strengths and positives. It may make you cringe especially if you’re a modest person but this is what the job world is all about- selling yourself. Remember, you’re not the only one out there applying for that job.

You’re in competition with hundreds of other people so you want to stand out and show that you’re the one to choose. Once you’ve written down all your strengths, circle 3-5 that sound like the best and would attract an employer in Dubai.

Your interviewer will ask you ”Why should we hire you?” . If you’ve got your strengths at the tip of your tongue you will sound like a strong candidate already. It helps to choose one or two negative traits about yourself and see if you can shed them in a positive light.

Employers love to see this. For example, ”I am known to be a perfectionist but I am working towards being more relaxed” or ”I am a workaholic which sometimes affects my social life”. This shows that these traits won’t affect your ability to work there but that you acknowledge it as a negative trait and you’re working towards fixing them.

Digital Marketing in Dubai Star Tip!

Now for our star tip. We say star because you can literally remember it using the STAR method.

digital marketing in dubai
Be A Star!

S stands for Situation, T for Task, for Action and R for Result.

Interviewers in Dubai and around the world tend to ask how you handle conflict or how you solve problems. Problems are bound to happen in any workplace. It’s human nature and completely normal. It’s how you deal with them that employers care about. Use the STAR method to explain a situation you were in previously to show how you best deal with conflicts.

You don’t necessarily have to be honest, you’re allowed to tweak your answer a little to make yourself look better as long as you would be able to do that in real life if the situation arose. Your interviewer is not going to check with your old employers if this really happened.

If you’ve never had a job before you can apply this to any personal situation as well where you may have had to work in a team, either at a club you joined in school or a team at University.

Let us explain each letter in more detail so you can practice many scenarios and answers til you find the perfect one. Read it out to your friends and family and get them to vote or see where you may improve your answer.

Situation– What was the situation or problem that arose? Usually this is something that you weren’t prepared for it did not expect to happen that day. It could also have been a communication issue.

Task– This is what needs to be done to resolve the situation and fix it to get the day back on track and back to normal operations.

Action– This is what you did either alone or together as a team to resolve the situation. Did someone take leadership and assign duties to everyone to achieve faster results?

Result– What was the end result? Did the problem go away? What did you put in place to ensure this won’t happen again in the future?

And there you have it. We believe if you take these tips seriously and practice before your next interview, you will be successful. The great thing about jobs in Dubai is that most employers like to see experience over academia.

We wish you good luck from the Colabz team getting into Digital Marketing in Dubai!


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