How to find the Best Digital Agency in Dubai?

By Meezdev
06 . 23 . 21

Dubai is thriving with new businesses and startups launching every day and with the fast movement of the internet, a lot of these businesses come for the search of a good or the best Digital Marketing agencies in Dubai ,United Arab Emirates that they can lay their hands on.

In the Middle east, it is no surprise that we have huge numbers of Social media users and it’s growing everyday, on the same note the number of Digital marketing agencies is also growing, so it get’s hard to choose the right Digital marketing agency in Dubai these days.

But don’t worry, this article will give you an idea of what to look for when you’re shopping for digital marketing solutions and to filter the good from the bad.

But first we need to ask ourselves a question, a very important question actually.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is the science of using all marketing efforts possible that can use electronic devices or the internet. Businesses can leverage on multiple digital channels and platforms such as search engines, social media marketing, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

In simpler words, it’s your business’ online presence and how you can reach your potential customers online.

You can think of digital marketing like TV advertisement, but online or even street advertising, they are all different ways to achieve one goal – Get customers to know your brand and eventually buy from you.

There’s usually a miss conception when business owners invest in their Digital marketing campaign where they want to see converted paying customers straight away, but what most business owners do not realise is that the customer’s journey has 5 stages (Awareness – Consideration – Decision – Service – Loyalty ) Each of these stages require different strategies of digital marketing…. but we’ll talk more about that in a different article.

Now another question that might come across and can be confusing for new Business owners.

Why a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai?

Your Business can thrive hiring the right digital marketing agency, let me explain why…

When you first start your business, you get overwhelmed by the amount of things you’re going to take care of. From business incorporation, finances, hiring , suppliers all the way to paying wages, and the list goes on.

It’s not an easy ride, but definitely a fun one and once you start seeing results, you get a feeling that no one can relate to but you, i like to call it the Entrepreneur Feeling (Cheesy? i know).

Then comes this new challenge of you having to improve your online presence and work on your digital marketing and Social Media marketing, so you go online, start reading articles and going through Social Media marketing courses, paid or free, the courses and the articles you’ve read definitely helped you to have a better understanding of how digital marketing works.

I will handle my own Digital Marketing!

Now, you have everything in place and you decide to handle your own social media marketing thinking it’s an easy job and this is a mistake most new business owners make.

So you go ahead and make your first post, you download photoshop and start making a design, but, you realise you have no design experience, so you go online and start learning photoshop and design, but the question is? Do you really need to learn that when first starting a business that might have nothing to do with design?

The answer is NO, you’d rather spend your time learning business and project management, a bit of finance and accounting, work on your sales skills.

So you overcome the design challenge and find a free platform to make designs and have ready made designs using these platforms, which really make everyone’s life easier these days like canva, and you start making your own designs and posts.

And here comes another challenge, you don’t have a content strategy…

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is the strategy responsible for achieving business requirements through content creation and distribution, one of the most important things of Social Media marketing.

There is no surprise that there are a lot of professionals out there writing, designing and creating content.

Content strategy in simple words is, that someone is stepping back and asking the right questions, “What should we create, and why?”

If content marketing is done right, it can take your business places, here are few examples on how it can change the way you look at things!  

Alright, i’ve overcome all those obstacles, i’ve created my content strategy and i’ve learned all the required skills to achieve my business goals and boost my lead generation.

But, you forgot one of the most important things of today’s digital marketing, a Website.

Do I really need a website?

You always have to ask you that question, but i’m confident to tell you that a website is a must in the digital era of the internet.

Today, making a website has never been easier with platforms like wix and shopify, but again, you still need some knowledge on web design and website development and having it up to standards, fast, responsive and SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly.

If your business is an E-commerce, then you also have to consider setting up a payment gateway, make sure you’re on top of your stock availability, your shipment logistics and the list goes on.

Incase you need help with your website. here’s an article on things to know when you’re searching for a web design company in Dubai.

One of the most important things about Digital marketing for an E-commerce is your storefront photos and how they look, so you might also want to invest in making your products look very appealing for your E-store visitors.

Your website is ready and it looks good and now you have to work on your SEO (Search engine optimization).

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

Search engine optimization is the industry of working with the most used search engines like Google and Bing, to achieve higher rankings on their search results.

A process that can take up to a year before achieving results and can be broken down to so many things, that need to be done to achieve results.

On page SEO is one of them, Technical SEO on the backend of your website (Speed, image alt text..etc) backlinks on the internet and more…

SEO can be a hectic process, but it’s the most cost effective way to generate leads online without spending a fortune on Ads.

You might also hear the terms SEM (Search engine marketing) or PPC (Pay per click) quite often online and they simply mean buying advertisements on Google and when a website visitor or a potentional customer clicks on your Ad, only then you get charged.

Google provides different types of Ads that can be broken down to:

Display campaigns
Video campaigns

| Video ads on YouTube

Shopping campaigns

| Product listings on Google

App campaigns

| Promote your app on many channels

Local campaigns

| Promote locations on many channels

 Smart campaigns

| Automate your campaigns

What, Why and Who SEO? Don’t worry we got you covered in this article.

And the list goes on…

Here is a list of Digital Marketing Solutions an agency should be capable of

  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Web Design and Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Pay per Click

And more..

How to identify a good or the best trusted creative Digital Agency in Dubai?

First of all if they say they’re the best or that they are the best marketing agency in Dubai, that’s already a red flag, although it’s good to be proud of your work but being humble is a noble characteristic.

Those companies in Dubai, do not own the internet, in simpler words, they can not guarantee any results, so the first thing you should do when approaching any of those companies is to have realistic expectations.

Define your Goals

Have your goals decided, what would you like to achieve after hiring the agency? Is it more brand awareness? More sales? more store or website visits?

The previous questions are very important to decide how are they going to handle your Marketing and makes it easy for you to decide which service would like to buy from their wide list of services.

Ask Questions

Ask them questions, Ask for previous work, see if the’ve done work for similar niches or industries. Digital agencies that are niche specialized will know more about your business and how to achieve your Goals faster with a lower learning curve from other agencies that are new to your niche.

Ask for retainer options and reports

Opt-in for a retainer contract, that way you can save money on the long term and always make sure you ask for monthly or quarterly reports to make sure that the chosen agency is on the right track.

In Dubai, a full service and trusted creative digital agency tends to outsource a lot of the work, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s an industry standard, but, ask the agency if the work is being outsourced and where to, to make sure it suits your needs and more.

Make sure you like the web design

If the Digital agency is developing your website, make sure they own the rights of the used designs and that there is no copyright infringement involved.

Depending on the size of the project or website, UI/UX (User interface and user experience) designers usually work on designing your website (Web design) first before the website development, a process that we are confident it leads to better results, fixing designs during the website development is not a good approach for website or mobile application development. So make sure, you’re happy with the designs before going into development.

Ask for a detailed contract from your agency

A good digital marketing company in Dubai will make sure that the agreement or contract between you and them is comprehensive and detailed.

Detailed to the point of mentioning everything that they will do, what you will get, timeframes and payment structure.

If you miss anything in the requirements in an agreement, the digital marketing company will straight ahead quote you extra fees for out of scope work, which will end up with a hefty invoice that you could’ve avoided from the start.

Work with them not against them

A digital marketing agency’s success and specially in Dubai, depends on and if not only on the success of the business they are taking care of.

Once they deliver a service to you, they’d want to use it for their portfolio to bring other customers on board and of course they would want that service to be good enough if not great to showcase their work and talents.

Generating revenue might be a priority for such agencies, but it shouldn’t be the only priority and they should never overlook the quality of work provided and delivered.

You will be surprised that a lot of these agencies sell their marketing services through the word of mouth, an old , but proven to work marketing technique for a marketing company in Dubai UAE.

Working with the team responsible of your business, whether it’s a lead generation project, account management and social media marketing or even a small service such as a logo design, make sure to work with them to achieve the best results for your business and a decent ROI.

Award winning digital marketing company, is it for me?

Winning awards in digital marketing is not an easy task, specially with all the competition available these days and how easy it is to start a digital marketing company.

But winning an award doesn’t always mean it’s the right choice for the buyer, maybe they’re way overpriced or maybe they aren’t as flexible as a new company that is just starting in digital marketing and is willing to give more for less.

Again, i’m not saying to compromise quality to save a couple of hundred dirhams, but i’m just saying, do your research and take your time.

Some business owners swear by the benefits a trusted creative digital agency offers them, some others don’t like it and think they’re not reliable (Until they decide that their digital marketing is quite messy) and start getting in touch with one.


So to conclude, Digital marketing is not just one or two things you can or need to do to see results, it’s a whole Eco-system and when it gets overwhelming, hiring a digital marketing house in Dubai is not a bad decision.

A Leading Digital marketing agency in your country is a good choice if you are busy with your business and want to hire a company in Dubai that can handle your social media marketing and management, contact them and do not hesitate to ask about the prices, you will not lose anything and at the end you will hire the team that suits your business and niche best.

Few words about Colabz.

Colabz is a leading digital marketing company in Dubai, we have more than 6 years of experience working with big names in the MENA region and in the UAE.

We specialise mainly in Social media marketing, content creation and marketing, website development and mobile app development and we love our SEO!

We believe in providing knowledge for everyone and we make sure the resources are available for anyone online to learn from it, check our Blog for the other articles and let us know if we helped you.

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