Brilliant Tips to keep your facebook online business page engaging

By Nadia Patel
12 . 05 . 20

A lot of business is going online due to current situation, Colabz has gathered the top tips to get your online business in the right direction!

Choose a recognizable profile picture

You want your customers, new and existing to be able to distinguish that it’s your page theyre looking at. Therefore try and make your profile photo the logo of your brand or something they will remember and easily recognize you next time.

Add a Call to Action button

We can’t emphasise how important this button is. It can drive traffic to your website, help you build a mailing list or simply just be a means for interacting customers with your page. If you’re selling products you can link your call to action, for example ‘shop now’ to the specific product page on your website. Then all your customer has to do is proceed to payment. Voila

Company information

Here, we’re talking about your ‘About’ section. Keep it neat and straight to the point. But don’t sound boring. Try to make it original. Talk about who your brand is and what it stands for. And add company milestones and links to your website and other social media handles.

Post regularly

The key to posting content on social media is consistency. You don’t need to upload a new post everyday but atleast try to upload stories every day and content on the feed every other day. Post videos too along with pictures. Short videos and high quality images keep people engaged. People are more likely to share visually pleasing posts which in turn is going to drive traffic to your page.

Schedule posts

There are many tools out there now which help you to schedule your social media posts. Check your insights to see when your audience is most active and schedule your posts accordingly against your calendar. If you’re a busy person and don’t have time to keep on top of this, you can spend the first day of each month updating your calendar for the entire month. This will save you alot of time and planning.

Choose your audience

Did you know Facebook has a targeting tool. You might have missed it but if you look at the bottom before you publish a post there is a faint bullseye location symbol. Click on that and it lets you choose different metrics for your preferred audience so you can choose who will see your posts. For example, by location.

Allow messaging

You can control who can and cannot message you. You want to make sure your customers and potential customers are open to message you at any time so they can gather all information they need before making a purchase. Remember to keep on top of your mailbox as an unread message can lead to an abandoned sale.

Interact with your audience

Show your customers and fans that you care. Reply to their comments. It may not be possible to reply to every comment but you can at least like the comment to show it’s been acknowledged. This is a great way to build rapport and show that you’re a person and it’s not just a robot behind the account.

You can also respond to customer service queries via social media which alot of large businesses tend to do now and it works.

Check your growth, boost your online business

Facebook online business allows you to see your growth. Check your insights and see where you’re growing and where your lacking. Did a certain post or story get you more engagement? Did that giveaway you posted drive more traffic to your website? Analytics are a great way to see what’s working for you and where you can build.

Good Luck from team Colabz and let us know how these tips worked for you!


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