Branding 101- 5 ways to build a strong brand over time

By Nadia Patel
10 . 09 . 20

Branding through Social Apps

Social media need no instruction these days. Your mom, grandma, postman, neighbour and dog, everyone is on it! This means it’s the perfect tool to promote your brand. It’s the best place to get yourself seen. Remember to make engaging, eye-catchy content that would make a reader want to click on you and learn more. You can do this by going through your own feed on the app that you use the most and see which posts catch your attention. Was it the colours, pictures, emotion? People are more empathetic than they think and relate to emotions. It’s always effective to get personal when telling a story and make it something people can relate to.

Be consistent

Whether it be the timing of your social media posts, or the quality of your content. Consistency is key. Don’t post 5 posts in one day and then wait a month until you put out new content. Organise your posts. Most social media applications have insights where you can view when your followers are most active. It’s best to utilise the time most people are online and post then. You will see a big difference in reach.
There are many tools out there now that can help you to schedule your posts for a certain time so you can be productive and don’t have to worry if you’re too busy to post at a particular time. Check out Hootsuite to learn more.

Promote through materials

People love freebies. You know what they say. The best things in life are free. And it’s true! Put your logo on pens, T-shirts, USB’s, socks. Things that people use everyday. That way they’ll subconsciously memorize your brand and your business will be the first thing that comes to mind when they have a need for it. It’s also free advertising since other people will most likely see them wearing your stuff. Pretty clever huh?

Be Nosey, but not annoying

It’s smart to check what your competitors are doing. It doesn’t mean you’re spying. Everyone does it. It’s just about comparison to see where you could improve or what could be changed. What works well for them that you could maybe implement in your own Branding. But remember, be original. Copying isn’t cool, you wouldn’t like it if someone blatantly copied an idea you worked hard to come up with and people can always tell which is a copy and which is original. 


This might seem like an obvious one to some people but it can be overlooked. It’s a classic way to build connections and find the right contacts. We’ve tried and tested it, it’s never failed us!
You could be speaking to a group of people at an event and find that one person there was looking for that product that you sold. They would have no idea unless you promoted yourself and you could’ve lost a potential customer. Always keep your business card on you, everywhere you go. We say even when you go and use a public bathroom, keep it in your back pocket. You never know who you’ll run into and where!


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