Best hashtags to boost your social media in Dubai!

By Nadia Patel
10 . 24 . 20

Updated 2021

Wondering how to boost your Dubai social media reach and engagement?

Hashtags can make or break your social media posts. Think of them as an easy way to connect your Dubai social media content to a specific topic, event, theme or conversation you want to attract attention to. They make it easier to discover posts around those specific topics because hashtags aggregate all social media content with that same hashtag.

Don’t forget that content is king! good content will definitely help taking your social media to new highs!

Here’s some of our favourites

#Dubai_360 – A picture of all the buildings in Dubai from a 360-degree angle. People usually post these pictures to show off or just show what it looks like without having to go there.

#Dubai_Art – Pictures of art done in Dubai.

#Dubai_Docks – Pictures of boats and docks in Dubai.

#Dubai_DriverlessCars – Pictures of driverless cars being tested in Dubai.

#Dubai_DreamCity – Pictures showing how design is done in the city of Dubai.

#Dubai_FashionFridays – Fashionable outfits from throughout the week posted on


#Dubai_FashionRunway – Pictures from the fashion shows in Dubai.

#Dubai_FoodPorn – Pictures of yummy food from around Dubai.

#Dubai_Gardens – Beautiful gardens in Dubai for your viewing pleasure! Comment or share to show appreciation. * Not a real hashtag but I enjoyed it so much that I had to add it on here. 🙂

#DubaiHappiness – Anything happy uploaded to Instagram from people living in Dubai (or visiting).

#dubaimirrorselfie – A picture taken at the Burj Khalifa with the reflection captured in the mirror. People usually do these when they’re on top, but it’s okay to do it from any level.

#Dubai_Malls – Pictures of malls in Dubai, for us to go and give them a visit!

#Dubai_Nights – Pictures showing what Dubai looks like at night. Many people will usually put this hashtag on their Instagram during parties or on New Years Eve. Also see #dubaifireworks if it’s around the time that you’re posting your picture.

#Dubai_NorthGarden – Pictures of North Gardens in Dubai (or surrounding areas).

#Dubai_Oasis – Pictures of the famous Palm Jumeirah. Also includes pictures of surrounding islands, including Al-Fujairah, or Atlantis Dubai.

#Dubai_OutdoorActivities – Outdoorsy activities that people can do in Dubai!

#dubaiphotoclips – Video clips from around Dubai. Usually used with #dubaimirrorselfie as well.

#Dubai_PlacesToVisit – Places to visit in Dubai (which are usually tourist spots).

#Dubai_RainbowBridge – A picture taken on top of the world’s longest pedestrian bridge, connecting Deira with Burj Khalifa/Palm Jumeirah.

#Dubai_RideAlong – Pictures taken while riding along the Palm (in a cab or in your own car/bike).

#Dubai_RobotsBlogging – Self-explanatory, pictures of robots from around Dubai. 🙂

#dubaifreezefriday – A picture showing off your attire for New Years Eve . Usually done on December 31st and tagged with both #dubaidreamcity and #dubaifireworks to get extra exposure during the celebrations.

#Dubai_Schools – Educational institutions in Dubai! Go visit them, then post about it! Comment or share to show appreciation. * Not a real hashtag but I enjoyed it so much that I had to add it on here.

#Dubai_SheikhZayedGrandMosque – Beautiful pictures of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque! Comment or share to show appreciation.

#dubaimountainbiking – Pictures showing off your biking skills in Dubai.

#Dubai_Shopping – Shopping destinations in Dubai for you to spend all your money at!

#Dubai_Summerfestivities – Events happening every summer, such as Beach Xtreme and many more.

#dubaisunsetpics – Pictures of the gorgeous sunset from any location in Dubai… either beach or island-side 😉 (PS me working on my tan? nah… but I’d love to go tanning with you.)

#dubaitalianclub – Pictures from the Italian club in Dubai.

#Dubai_Tankers – Ship pictures taken around the Port of Dubai! Comment or share to show appreciation.

#Dubai_TheBeatOfMyCity – Self-explanatory, anything that is making your city beat more than just another city!

#Dubai_Timeflies – Pictures showing off your time in Dubai through time (in different times/seasons).

#dubaitwooclockselfie – A picture taken at exactly 2:00pm on Cedar Hotel terrace with Burj Khalifa in the background and the reflection captured in the mirror. People usually do these when they’re on top, but it’s okay to do it from any level.

#Dubai_UAE – Anything related to the United Arab Emirates (either you are from Dubai or another place).

#dubai_uninterrupted – A picture taken at the Burj Khalifa with no one else in sight and an uninterrupted view of all of Dubai. I suggest going up at night if possible to see lights like never before!

#Dubai_Views – Pictures showing off beautiful views around Dubai! Comment or share to show appreciation.

Here’s the top 10 hashtags used in Dubai on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. It’s handy to include them in your posts if you’re looking to attract followers in this region.

Top 10:





























Alternatively, if you use a hashtag on your Story, it could be included in the relevant hashtag Story, which also appears on the hashtag page.
There are 9 different type of hashtags; product/service HT’s, niche HT’s, Industry online community HT’s, seasonal/special event HT’s, location HT’s, daily HT’s, relevant phase HT’s, acronym HT’s and last but not least, emoji HT’s.
You can include up to 30 hashtags on a post, and up to 10 on a Story. No more than that though or else Instagram won’t allow you to upload the post.

If you’re looking to improve your social media, specially if you run a business, this article will help your business stand out when it comes to social media marketing!


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