7 steps to build a strong E-Commerce in Dubai!

By Nadia Patel
11 . 18 . 20

Since the pandemic online business is booming and statistics say that

E-commerce in Dubai or worldwide is the way to go for any new or growing business.

Do you have a product you want to sell or a great business idea?

An E-commerce website will strengthen the reputation of your business, help you expand your brand in the UAE and internationally, and increase your professional network.

You need a strategy

You need to start with a confident strategy. No one website is the same. Your platform needs to have specific details that are right for you and your business. 

Your whole business world depends on your site so it needs to be customer friendly with 24/7 support to help with any issues your customers may have. You can anticipate all potential needs or issues that your customers may face beforehand so that you’re fully prepared to eliminate future issues. What kind of products will you sell? Are you selling to businesses or consumers? How long is your shipping time? What’s your delivery method? All these things have to be decided from the start.

It’s crucial that you do your homework so that you’re making the best decisions for your business long-term and short-term. Prior research on the laws establishing an E-commerce in Dubai and the UAE is highly recommended too.

Consider starting SEO early or perhaps as soon as your website is live too as SEO is organic and takes time to see results.

Choose a domain

You will need a custom domain. For example, or

Your domain will give you a brand thats recognizable, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and will be linked to an email where people can contact you.

If you’ve given someone the job to develop your website for you they should be able to help you with what options you have for buying the domain. Alternatively you can buy it yourself online. GoDaddy and are 2 places you can buy a domain.

Next you need to decide which platform you want to build the website on. You can take a recommendation from a developer but prioritize choosing a flexible platform which is easy to use.

If you have a website already and want to turn it into an ecommerce, you can easily add buy buttons or widgets.

Set your prices and payment methods

Decide what you will charge for your products/services, how you want people to pay on your website and how those payments will reach your account.

Pricing your products when selling online is different to pricing when selling in store or on the physical market. You need to consider the costs of materials, hosting costs, delivery, taxes in the UAE, Paypal or credit card percentage deductions and flexible pricing (pay later).

Most online businesses use a third-party payment processor like PayPal as it’s safe to use and efficient. Whichever one you decide to use you need to make sure you can accept payments from any country, not just the UAE or the middle east.

Design your store

Here is where you’ll add your products and services. Ultimately this is the first thing customers will be looking for when entering your website so make it visually pleasing. Remember you want to sell and leave a lasting impression so your customers will recommend you to others and also come back for future purchases.

Add your own photograph as people prefer dealing with a real person over a robot. Add your logo and make sure its memorable so that it will stand out and people will remember your brand when they see your logo. Adding the PayPal logo or the logo of whichever payment processor you use also helps to build customer trust. Learn about your optimal customer and keep their preferences in mind while designing your website.

Customers in the UAE and Dubai will come from a wide variety of countries so consider making your website available in a few different languages. This will be a huge win for you and the customer.

Add a feedback form, especially at the start, for people to give you constructive feedback on what they found useful and what could be changed.

Always keep in mind you want your website to look and feel professional. Keep this in mind when choosing a name, description and image for your product. Write the quantity available for each product along with your price and include prices in different currencies. Video previews of your product are a great way to boost sales as your customer can see what it is exactly they’re buying. When adding delivery options make sure to give them a few different options along with different ways to pay.

Construct a good checkout experience

Did you know the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is over 69%? This should tell you that it is vital your customer’s checkout experience is efficient and as easy as possible.

The best things in life are free including free shipping, so aim to add this where and when you can. Allow your customers to purchase multiple products at once and it helps to add discount codes to increase the chances that they will. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly especially at this checkout page as most people tend to use their phones when shopping online.

If someone leaves your website without completing their purchase, be sure to send them an email to remind them to complete the purchase in order to avoid them buying elsewhere. Get your friends and family to test out your check out process so that its perfect for when you go live.


Accomplish a strong marketing plan for you to bring the right customers to your website. You want to focus on building customer loyalty at the same time as selling online in order to create returning customers. This is why we highly recommend SEO for every product or item you sell. This will make it easier for customers to find your product even if they’re doing a simple Google search.

Capturing customer emails is a great way to build an email marketing list. You can use this list to email customers about any new or existing discount codes you have. We also recommend that you link your ecommerce site to a Facebook shop as we know 80% of your customers will use Facebook. And lastly, add a share button on your products so people can share your product on their social handles and with friends or family. This will drive traffic to your website as well.


Google Analytics gives you a deep insight into how your marketing and SEO efforts are performing. Monitor your site and product pages so you can improve them for effectiveness, more sales and  reach.

Congratulations your done ! You now have an ecommerce website and can go live in Dubai and even target customers internationally. Building an ecommerce isn’t easy but it’s a fantastic way to raise awareness of your brand and compete in the online market. Good Luck.


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